Monday, December 19, 2011

Hawks Lose Exhibition Opener

  • Nobody got hurt.
  • Marvin Williams has a strong head of hair.
  • Jannero Pargo's joining the Hawks tomorrow, undermining what interest one might have had in watching Donald Sloan and Brad Wanamaker tonight.
  • Since basically nobody coming of the bench for the Hawks can score, much less create his own shot, the team's lack of depth is going to appear exaggerated if the reserves play as a unit.
  • Jerry Stackhouse has nothing left. Hasn't for years.

1 comment:

Bronnt said...

Keith Benson was a team-high +7.

Pape Sy looks more like a 2/3 than a PG. Good quickness and good aggression, though, and he would have looked better if he could take a bit better care of the ball and knock down his mid-range shots.

I hope that with McGrady and Radmanovic, the issues were more about rust than anything else. I hope.

Donald Sloan looks like the more complete player, but Wanamaker is a better defender. Neither looks like a guy that Larry Drew would ever dare insert into his line-up.