Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Links To Tims

At SLAM Online, Tim David Harvey tips Al Horford to be the Eastern Conference's most improved center in 2009-10:
If the Hawks pass the ball inside to this young big more often he could eat up most Eastern donuts and help his team digest long playoff runs.
At TSN, Tim Chisholm has written as good a team preview as you're likely to read from a national continental outlet:
Think of it this way: last year, Atlanta was the sole team that sat between those aforementioned powerhouses and the virtually indistinguishable crew that made up slots five-through-fourteen below them. They had too much talent and execution to be considered one of the pack, but they were also a far cry from the three teams that sat in front of them, as their second round walloping by Cleveland demonstrated. So, logic would dictate that they would make moves this summer to move them closer to the teams that sit in front of them. However, the moves made by Boston, Cleveland and Orlando this summer outstripped those made by Atlanta, while the teams below Atlanta like Toronto, Washington, Indiana, Chicago and even Charlotte believe that they are narrowing the gap between themselves and the Hawks. So, despite their best efforts to have a summer that by all accounts stands as a positive, the Hawks will have to redouble their efforts on the court just to keep pace with their output from a year ago.

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