Friday, September 04, 2009

More Jason Collins Analysis

Neil Paine at the Blog (HT: @3QCMagic) offers lots of tables and a revealing, damning factoid:
...the majority of his shots in recent seasons have been jumpers, despite the fact that he's one of worst jump shooters in the game (witness the unthinkably low .128 eFG% on J's last season)
but the key passage is this:
I was once a big Jason Collins supporter because of his tremendous defensive impact, as quantified by his adjusted +/- and his on/off team defensive efficiency numbers. And I wasn't the only stat guru high on Collins' D, either. But in recent years, it's been harder and harder to find anything redeeming about Collins' play, even on defense. His 2-year adjusted plus/minus, one of those "hidden impact" numbers where Collins once thrived, was an horrifying -8.66, meaning that for every possession he was on the floor, he'd cause an otherwise average team to play like a 20-win one. Yikes.
Let's all hope that Collins remains firmly ensconced as the fifth-best (at best) big man on the roster and his minutes reflect that status. Should Mike Woodson perceive there to be an option between playing Collins or playing Zaza Pachulia the team will be fighting an uphill battle.

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