Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The True Hoop Network Stumps For All-Star Reform

Over at The Two Man Game, Rob Mahoney has compiled a battery of ideas from members of the network as to how to change (hopefully for the better) All-Star Weekend. I'd say my contribution is roughly commensurate with my interest in the All-Star Game festivities as of 2009. I figure my dwindling interest is due to some combination of my increasing curmudgeonlinesss and the sheer volume of televised basketball games that, you know, count.


Unknown said...

Yeah I agree with you - it's tough to get excited for pretty much the one game of the year that counts for nothing. However, it is sort of cool playing the "what if" game of watching superstars play together and seeing how they complement each other, much the same way that it was cool watching the Olympics to see Paul and Howard run the pick and roll or Bron and Redd perfectly executing the drive and kick.

Personally, I would like to see the rookie/sophomore game done away with and replaced with a game of one on one or two on two basketball. Can anyone seriously say that they wouldn't watch a game of Bron and Wade vs. Bosh and Bryant, or even just a game of Kobe vs. Bron? I think that would be super neat to watch; not that it would ever actually happen though...

Bronnt said...

I actually really like the idea of a two on two tournament. I'm just imagining the possibilities.

Just picture an 8 team NBA JAM style 2-on-2 tournament. Pair up teammates. Parker and Duncan vs. Pierce and Garnett. Bryant and Gasol vs. Howard and Lewis. Nowitzki and (Josh) Howard vs. Billups and Carmelo. Paul and West vs. Nash and Amaré.

I'd watch that.