Thursday, July 17, 2008

Notes For July 17th

You (or at least I) learn something every day. For example, Speedy Claxton never had microfracture surgery last year. He opted for arthroscopy and rehab. I don't know if that makes him more or less likely to be healthy enough to contribute this year though I'm sure that if he can walk, Mike Woodson will run him out there in lieu of a younger, better player.

Sekou Smith also provides more coverage of Kwame Brown and Randolph Morris working out for the Hawks. Either would be a welcome addition to the frontcourt rotation. I expect Randolph Morris is far more likely to be deemed affordable by the organization but maybe Kwame Brown's willing to take a short, relatively cheap contract in exchange for playing time. On the other hand, the chances of Kwame Brown suddenly learning how to play basketball under the tutelage of members of the Atlanta Hawks organization are approximately nil.

In the same piece, Smith reports that Jim Todd and Tyrone Hill have been added to the coaching staff. Tyrone Hill would also be a welcome addition to the frontcourt rotation.

UPDATE: I jumped the gun. Micah Hart's Day 2 report from summer camp is now up.

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