Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Draft Express Interview With Olypiacos Assistant

The key comment (by my reckoning) made by Olympiacos Assistant Coach Manos Manouselis:
I will tell you that offers were extended to both James Posey and Ricky Davis. We were able to personally meet with Ricky and his wife in Las Vegas during the time of the Summer League, and we were immensely impressed with him as a person in addition to his fantastic basketball skill level. While going back and forth negotiating with Ricky, we were surprisingly offered the services of Josh Childress, and so we as an organization collectively decided to wait for a meeting with him in order to assess the possibility of extending an offer to Josh, since we felt he may fit our needs at the 3/2 position a little better than Ricky. We met with Josh in Las Vegas, and then he decided to come to Athens for the purpose of his own due diligence, and here we are today.
It's a lengthy interview that covers the length and value of Childress's contract (3 years, $20 million), the impact of Childress's arrival on Olympiacos's sponsorship deals, and the Greek perspective on American agents.

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