Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer League Roster Announced

Beyond Al Horford (who we know can play), Acie Law IV (who we reasonably hope can play), and Speedy Claxton (who we simply hope can walk without discomfort) there's nothing on the Hawks' prospective summer league roster to generate excitement. There's barely anyone listed who could reasonably generate intrigue. Oh, and Horford will participate in mini-camp here next week but won't be playing in the Rocky Mountain Revue.

The roster (I'm sure not all of these guys make the trip to Utah):

G - Acie Law IV
G - Speedy Claxton
G - Dominique Kirk
G - Brian Chase
G - Jeremy Richardson
G - Demetric Bennett
G - Thomas Gardner
G - Frank Robinson
G/F - Mario West
G/F - Luke Jackson
* F - Al Horford
F - Brian Randle
F - Kevinn Pinckney
F - Marcus Hubbard
F - Othella Hunter
F - Wayne Simien
C - Justin Williams
C - Jamal Sampson
C - Olumide Oyedeji
* Participating in mini-camp portion only.

A few years and several surgeries ago I thought Luke Jackson and Wayne Simien could be decent-to-good rotation guys. Justin Williams has rebounded a ton in limited minutes the last two years but is limited (456 career minutes, 2 career assists and a 34.8% career free throw shooter) otherwise. Rick Sund appears no more capable of identifying and/or acquiring potentially useful free talent than his predecessor.

Summer league begins for the Hawks next Friday.

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