Monday, March 03, 2008

Celtics 98 Hawks 88



The Hawks played fairly well in a game they had little chance to win. What this viewer takes away is the difference in ability between Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson plus his most recent reminder of the absolute greatness of Kevin Garnett. He combines the talents of Atlanta's cornerstone players (Josh Smith and Al Horford) and adds a jump shot.

Smith, again, didn't let his inability to make a jump shot 30% of the time prevent him attempting 7 spot-up jump shots and 2 more hybrid jump shots off the dribble/long-distance runners. He was 2-7 on the former, 0-2 on the latter, scoring five points. At and around the basket, Smith shot 6-13 from the field and drew 8 foul shots, 5 of which he made.

If the players took the game seriously and made an honest effort to win the game, the same can't be said of the head coach who inserted Mario West, Solomon Jones, and Jeremy Richardson into the game for the final 11 seconds of the first half. Because you want those guys matched up defensively against Rajon Rondo, Eddie House, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. Solomon Jones ran away from his man (Garnett) and the basket while waving his arms. Garnett cut to the basket and dunked the ball. Mario West traveled on the ensuing inbounds play and gave the Celtics a second possession (albeit one necessitating a tip-in) in the final 11 seconds.

Thus, with the blessing of ownership, Mike Woodson continued his exploration of ways in which he can give away points.

Josh Smith Jump Shot Log
March 2, 2008 vs. @Boston

ResultQuarterTimeShot ClockDistance
MAKE2Q3:48(:16)19' 9"

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Anonymous said...

I said to myself before the game that anything under a 15 point loss had to be considered a good sign. You can't ask much more from a bad team like the Hawks than to be in contention against the best team in the league on their home court until the final 2 minutes. Boston will sweep them should the Hawks manage to back into the 8th playoff spot of course.

As for the end of the 2nd quarter, I imagine Woody was trying to avoid any of the regulars picking up fouls in the final seconds. Mission accomplished, I suppose.