Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hawks 105 Wizards 96



The Hawks shot better than 60% from the floor. Both player and ball movement was crisp. Bad shots were minimal. The bench played well. Playing time was allocated in a sensible manner. In the fourth quarter, the Hawks forced difficult shots and rebounded the misses.

I can't use any of my go-to moves.

(If one wished to grouse about the team defense through three quarters or Josh Smith sitting for the first 4:46 of the fourth quarter because he had four fouls, one could, and I do admit to chuckling at Mario West's failed dunk attempt late in the third quarter. Grousing can have the day off: Atlanta's playoff odds are back over 50%.)

It was a fine performance and the steady diet of middling to poor opposition on which the Hawks will have the opportunity to feed themselves victories over the remainder of the season will let us know if last night was simply a serendipitous one-off of offensive cohesion or a glimpse of a better future.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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