Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hawks 97 Heat 94



The result of the second game had more to do with Miami's inability to win the game than anything else. Barely beating a terrible team that didn't play well and whose coach didn't appear to be trying too hard (Whatever extra value those in attendance last night received from witnessing two results was negated by their ample exposure to the limited talents of Chris Quinn and Alexander Johnson.) doesn't do much to inspire one's confidence.

In the final four minutes, Atlanta held on to a seven-point lead despite going 1-7 from the floor and 5-8 from the free throw line (3-6 from the line in the final 18 seconds). In the grand scheme of things, Advantage: Miami.

Joe Johnson was magnificent. Marvin Williams was awful and for no known reason played more minutes than either Al Horford (Zaza's decent play off the bench again meant a reduction in Horford's minutes. Madness.) or Josh Childress. I doubt it was intentional, that sort of thing just happens over the course of a Hawks game.

I don't know what's different about the last week's worth of games to put me such dour spirits. I haven't been witness to anything new. Perhaps, I've passed my point of tolerance for the same failures. The Drive For 35 drags on.

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bonitis said...

how did marvin lose all ability to get defensive rebounds? weren't his numbers going up?

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