Saturday, February 16, 2008

Trade Rumor Reported Close to Home

Sekou Smith filed a late Friday blog post:
Word is they’ve got something brewing, a trade that could drastically change the look of this team heading into this week’s Western Conference road trip and beyond.

It wouldn’t be right to share details right now. Not with the particulars still somewhat murky and no deal officially done (what I can tell you is that not all the talent is heading to the Western Conference. Some of it might head East).

But if you come here anytime over the weekend, there will be updates. Seriously, I wouldn’t leave you hanging after this type of build up. And if the deal I’ve heard rumblings about doesn’t happen, I’m going break it down for you as well.
Alright, you've got my attention. It's not Mike Woodson getting replaced by someone competent, but it's something. You know what, I'm so intrigued that I will, for the first time in weeks, slog through some of the comments on Sekou's blog.

Good thing I do, as one hour and seven minutes after the blog post went up, Sekou added this in the comments:
If the deal gets done the way it’s been detailed to me, the Hawks keep their core intact and add one of the pieces they’ve desperately needed.
That's got to be a big man, right?

UPDATE: Sekou, again in the comments:
In this deal you don’t have to give up Marvin or Childress and Golden State has nothing to do with it. Overall, it’s a pretty sweet deal for the Hawks, who I’ve been writing for months have all the tools necessary to get a deal done. They have the expiring contracts and several young guys on deals that can be combined to net a quality player.
I hope it's true even though I wrote the opposite for an upcoming Blogger Roundtable this past week. If the expiring contracts of Lue, Anthony Johnson, Lorezen Wright, and Shelden Williams' rookie contract can be turned into something useful, I'll gladly eat crow.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Matt said...

I'm hoping that I come out looking like a genius.

Bret LaGree said...

Bibby's really fell off last year and it's been the same thing what little he's played this year. What's the most he could add in less than half a season, one win? He should be expected to shoot better than AJ/Lue, be a wash defensively, and turn the ball over much more. (Though I guess his turnovers could go down if Josh Smith and Joe Johnson continue to handle the ball a lot.)

I guess there's the chance that limiting Woodson's point guard options would help Acie Law's long-term development.

Bibby's expiring contract this time next year could have real value assuming the Hawks re-sign Smith and Childress.

Bret LaGree said...

Discussion of the deal at Sactown Royalty here and here.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how excited to be about this deal. We can't include Zaza because he's only depth we have at center who is remotely serviceable. If it's Lue, AJ, Sheldon, and Lorenzen, we might be getting better simply by removing Woodson players he can make poor substitutions with. I agree, it's better for us if we lose all the point guards so that Acie Law gets more time. And Bibby has always been at least a decent defender.

We'll have a guy who can shoot better than AJ but he'll turn the ball over more, get perhaps a few more assists, and not really improve the perimeter defense. (Though, I guess he could spread the opposing defense, since he's shooting close 40% from 3 this year)

Maybe if we trade Lue and AJ, Woodson will eventually be forced to use get Stoudamire off the bench?

Anonymous said...

I like this. We can find 2 random players in the D league to outperform Lorenzen Wright and Shelden Williams in garbage time. No loss there. Now Law will get a chance to develop and Salim might even get some serious minutes. Follow this with a new coaching staff plus resigning the Joshes and next year could be fun for Hawks fans.