Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adding a Big Man

Now that the Hawks have officially signed Jeremy Richardson to a 10-day contract, attention turns to how the Hawks replace Lorenzen Wright and Shelden Williams at the butt end of the post rotation.

Ron asked this very question in the comments to this post and I offered only a tossed-off answer that, in retrospect, isn't funny at all. (I was completely serious about Pachulia and Woodson. I don't think trading Lorenzen Wright and Shelden Williams will mean Zaza gets more playing time.)

Sekou Smith offers quite a speculative list in his blog this morning:
The other names tossed about Monday (by me and the other non-factors in the decision making process I spoke to) include P.J. Brown, Justin Williams, Kevin Willis, Jamaal Magloire, Jeff Foster, Jahidi White, Jelani McCoy, Josh Boone, Francisco Elson and my personal favorite Aaron Williams...
Sekou's personal favorite is not an especially realistic acquisition however:
Aaron Williams is on someone else’s roster right now (the Clippers), so snagging him would obviously be the most complicated move for the Hawks - who for the time being are short on useful trade assets with no draft picks, no expiring contracts and no real player you can deem expendable now that the roster has been crunched to just 12 active (Speedy Claxton, as well know, is out) players.
For the same reason (and/or others) Boone, Magloire, Elson, and Foster aren't realistic additions, either. (Though I did take a moment to imagine Al Horford and Jeff Foster rebounding side-by-side.)

I think the recently released Justin Williams, D-League All-Star Rod Benson, or the soon-to-be released Nick Fazekas would be the best, realistic additions. I am, of course, open to better suggestions.

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