Friday, February 01, 2008

A Couple of Rants

For once, neither of them is mine.

Drew at Hawks, Dawgs, and Jesus takes on Paul Pierce on the occasion of Pierce's weak argument for Ray Allen rather Joe Johnson making the All-Star team. My dissent is in the comments of that post. (Hawks fans angry at Kansas greats, a tradition that dates back to February 1994.)

Matt at Atlanta Hawks Blog is frustrated and he names names. Woodson. Knight. Belkin. Atlanta Spirit. For me, it's amusing that one needn't be thorough (Matt doesn't mention turning the 5th and 33rd picks in the 2006 Draft into Shelden Williams and Solomon Jones, two guys who can't crack a post rotation that only occasionally goes even two deep.) to make a compelling case against Billy Knight continued employment as an NBA GM.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Drew Ditzel said...
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Drew Ditzel said...

i did not realize where this irrational hate came from for Paul but now that you mention that ominous date back in 1994 it all makes sense.

check out number five (and i realize the Kansas hate may hurt our blog friendship.)

Bret LaGree said...

Even in your disdain you have to acknowledge Manning's basketball smarts.

It was a horribly misguided trade. I completely understand that but I'm still shocked and horrified every time I hear the tone of voice Hawks fans use when they say "Danny Manning."

Drew Ditzel said...

I understand Danny was an incredible college player.

and i understand i should blame management.

But that is 12 year old boy disdain there. 12 year old boy disdain does not succumb to rational thinking.

sorry danny. in another life, we could have been friends.