Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hawks 96 Bucks 80



Whether you're of the mind that the Hawks bench won or the Bucks bench lost (More turnovers than made field goals in 70 combined minutes?) last night's game, there were some compelling signs of life last night.
  • Mario West, starting in place of the injured Marvin Williams, played as well as could be expected.
  • Josh Smith the defender (not just shot blocker), rebounder, and passer played 40 good minutes.
  • Josh Smith, the back-to-the-basket player of our dreams, appeared for two possessions and contributed two of Smith's four made field goals and none of his ten missed field goals.
  • Zaza Pachulia looked a bit healthier (as did Tyronn Lue) than in his last couple of appearances, but he' still not moving as well as he has in the past. I think we all recognize that he'll be hurt more than many by losing a step.
  • Shelden Williams, Shelden Williams, made a positive offensive contribution, though it must be said that using two possessions on Shelden Williams posting up during the second quarter did little more than raise the degree of difficulty for Atlanta's second unit.
Of course there are still causes for concern as well.
  • Playing Anthony Johnson and Mario West at the same time really makes things difficult for Joe Johnson.
  • Mo Williams' line (9-9 FGA, 1-1 3PTA, 4-4 FTA, 9 assists) reminds that I need to finish that post about how easily opposing point guards are scoring against the Hawks.
  • Anytime Josh Smith took a jump shot.

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Drew Ditzel said...

sitting in the stands i could not have cursed the decision to start Mario West more than i did...

but the move paid off and Woodson yanked him while he was still ahead.

Sadly it surprises me that the coach outsmarted me and i stopped playing basketball when i was 10.

Pooh said...

Seriously, Woodson and Randy Wittman are neck and neck for worst coach in the NBA (Non-Isaiah category). If you want Smith to stop shooting J's, I dunno, run some post up/P&R's for him so that he gets the ball closer to the basket. You think a pick and roll with Johnson and Smith with Marvin and Childress/Stoudamire/Law spacing and Horford/Zaza crashing isn't a recipe for effective play?

No, you're right, letting Anthony Johnson and Ty Lue 'create' is much more likely to work...