Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Acie Law IV Health Report

There should be one somewhere, right? That's a fairly big story in the Hawks' universe but there's no mention of Law in Sekou Smith's AJC article today.

I was never a good chemistry student and perhaps I'm lacking in team spirit, but the status of Law's ankle seems far more relevant to future success than Larry Drew's current aphorism: "Tough times don't last forever, but tough people do." He put it up on video screens in the locker room and everything. If that gives you the chills, you're a softer touch than I.
Hawks assistant Larry Drew, the architect of Monday's video mantra, realized the Hawks needed a subtle reminder of their toughness and resilient nature after close back-to-back losses to Seattle and Milwaukee.
I guess. I thought the Hawks lost those games because the roster lacks quality guards to begin with and the team's second-through-fourth best guards were each injured. If this team's healthy, they'll contend for a playoff spot. If this team's not healthy, we'll all become very familiar with the limitations of Shelden Williams, Anthony Johnson, Solomon Jones, and Mario West as basketball players.

But no one ever got fired for talking or writing about fundamentals in lieu of a team's real problems.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah that is odd. But I'm increasingly pessimistic that this team, despite having a lot of talented individual players, is ever going to compete for a playoff spot until it gets a new coaching staff.

Pooh said...

I agree with Ron - I'm undecided as to whether Woodson is the worst coach in the NBA or merely top 3 along with Sam Vincent and Randy Wittman, and at least those two have the excuse of teams without sufficient talent to compete to a degree (though Charlotte is quite possibly a serviceable PF/C scorer from being at least solid - Sean May perhaps?)

Anonymous said...

I wish Acie good luck.