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Second-Round Point Guards

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The posts dealing with potential second-round picks will be far more superficial than those that deal with first-round picks.

In alphabetical order, the 2006-07 seasons of Aaron Brooks, Zabian Dowdell, Taurean Green, Jared Jordan, and Ramon Sessions:

Points, assists, turnovers, blocks, and steals listed per 100 individual possessions


Dowdell appears to be the best bet to have a substantial NBA career among potential second-round point guard draftees. Through his combination of size, scoring ability, defensive potential, and ball-handling there's a good chance he can find some way to be a useful player off the bench.

I don't take Taurean Green's college career lightly, but I struggle to see how his game will translate to the NBA. He took tremendous advantage of college defenses tendency to guard only out to about 20 feet. 58.5% of Green's field goal attempts last season were from beyond the three-point line and he made 40.4% of those shots. I doubt that he'll find another such easily exploitable tendency in the NBA. He does have NBA three-point range and showed the ability to get to the foul line in college (40.5 FT Rate). Taking him in the second round would not be a wasted pick, but his future might be in Europe.

As for the other three, Ramon Sessions will have to make defense his priority if he wants to stay in the league, Aaron Brooks will have to find a team looking for another Earl Boykins, and Jared Jordan's NBA chances appear hopeless to me. There's no doubt Jordan plays hard and is an excellent passer but he's neither a good shooter (he made less than 33% of his three-point shots, and barely 70% of his free throws at Marist nor) scorer and he's likely to be exposed defensively.

The '07 point guard rankings in full:

1. Mike Conley, Jr.
2. Acie Law IV
3. Javaris Crittenton
4. Gabe Pruitt
5. Zabian Dowdell
6. Taurean Green
7. Ramon Sessions
8. Aaron Brooks

Should Bobby Brown, DaShaun Wood, JamesOn Curry, Mustafa Shakur, or Jamaal Tatum get drafted on the 28th, I'll address their college profiles at that time.

Shooting guards up next.

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