Friday, June 29, 2007

Note to John DeShazier

Mr. DeShazier of the Times-Picayune isn't enamored of Mr. Julian Wright:
Because unless Wright has a shooting stroke that belies the 12 points he averaged as a sophomore, it's hard to see how the Hornets helped themselves in the area they need the most help. He averaged 10.4 points in two college seasons, was 3-for-16 from 3-point range with a closer line than the one he'll see in the NBA, and averaged two assists in 71 games.

The franchise entered and exited the first round without a shooting guard.

It left Nick Young on the table in favor of Wright, 6 feet 8. Young also might not have been the perfect fit for a team that needs a veteran more than a youngster, but he certainly looked like a better fit for the vacant hole.

With all due respect, per game averages are for chumps.

Per possession, here's Young vs. Wright in 06-07:


Here's a list of things Nick Young is better at than Julian Wright:

1. Shooting outside of fifteen feet

Even then, Nick Young made less than a third of his three-point attempts over his first two years at USC. He improved last year but he was also, I suspect, very hot.

In addition to being two years younger than Nick Young, Julian Wright is already, at this moment, a better defender, a better rebounder, a better passer, and a better ball-handler.

In their college careers Julian Wright almost averaged twice as many assists per 100 possessions as Young which pretty much negates the five point per 100 possession scoring advantage Young has. Factoring in how inefficient Young was in scoring points in his first two years at USC (eFG% of 49.1 and 49.5, PPWS of 1.03 and 1.10), Wright was a much better offensive player through two college seasons.

Julian Wright is never going to make three-point shots in the NBA but he certainly has room to improve his jump shot and free throw shooting, thus narrowing the one advantage Nick Young has over him on the basketball court. Nick Young is never going to create easy shots for his teammates in the NBA. Nick Young is never going to be an above average rebounder in the NBA. Nick Young is never going to be a (positive) factor defensively in the NBA. Whatever other needs the Hornets have, drafting Julian Wright rather than Nick Young makes them a better, more talented team.

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