Friday, February 24, 2006

Prediction: Kansas at Texas

I think Kansas will be able to play the game at a faster pace than Texas typically plays.

I don’t think Kansas will be able to play the game as fast as they would prefer.

I think both teams will shoot a hair below 50 eFG% from the field.

I think both teams will get to the free throw line about 20 times.

I think if Robinson, Chalmers, and Jackson take the bulk of those free throw attempts, Kansas will at least match Texas’ production at the line.

I think Daniel Gibson will score 19 points on 17 shots.

I think Mario Chalmers and Brandon Rush will combine for 12 three-point attempts, making 5.

I think both teams will get about 40% of their offensive rebound opportunities.

I think PJ Tucker gets, at minimum, 12 rebounds.

I think both teams will turn the ball over on just over 20% of their possessions.

I think point differential between Jeff Hawkins and AJ Abrams will be very close to the point differential between the two teams.

I think that PJ Tucker will present such a unique set of complications for Brandon Rush that Rush can play well and still be less effective than Tucker.

I think it’s unlikely that Kansas wins this game.

I think it’s less likely that the outcome of the game is decided with more than 30 seconds left on the clock.

I think the game will be close enough that a bad call could impact its outcome.

I think that Brandon Rush takes and misses Kansas’ final shot.

I think PJ Tucker gets the rebound, is fouled, and makes at least one free throw.

I think Kansas throws the ball away attempting a long inbounds pass.

I think Texas wins 71-68.

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