Thursday, March 29, 2012

Initial Feedback: Jason Collins Scored a Basket

Initial feedback: A completely subjective and immediate response to the events of tonight's game, featuring a comment and rating, the latter on a scale of 1 to 10, on every player who saw the floor and the head coach, along with ephemera and miscellany as the author deems necessary.

Your ratings and commentary, dear reader, are welcomed in the comments to this post.

Jeff Teague: You would think with Derrick Rose missing extended time due to injury, this would be an opportunity for Teague to make an imprint on a game. The stats were not terrible: 13 points on 5-for-14 shooting with 8 assists and only 2 turnovers. These contributions were nearly matched by Chicago's third-string point guard, John Lucas. 5/10

Joe Johnson: Again, with Chicago's superstar out of action, you would expect Atlanta's franchise player to feast in his absence. Joe went on a diet with 12 points on 5-for-11 shooting with 6 assists. Said after the game that some of his teammates still do not know their roles. Note to Joe Johnson: Your role is to score. 3/10

Josh Smith: Josh has been one of the hottest players in the NBA since the All-Star break. His increased production can be attributed to an increase in scoring chances close to the basket. However, this by no means indicates that Josh has abandoned his efforts to shoot himself out of a career-long slump from 16-feet-and-out. Shooting 3-for-10 on long jumpers is actually an ok night for Josh. 5/10

Zaza Pachulia: Sat on the bench and watched Jamal Crawford shoot the Hawks to a 2nd round playoff exit against the Bulls last year when the team really needed a mobile big man to counter Chicago's front court depth. More about available depth in a moment. 4/10

Kirk Hinrich: Let's hope the hamstring he tweaked while playing 44 minutes in Sunday's epic against Utah doesn't become a nagging issue. 2/10

Marvin Williams: Bringing Marvin off the bench really allows for an adjustment in expectations. For a bench player, 10 points and 5 rebounds are valuable contributions. 4/10

Tracy McGrady: Did not set the world on fire in 5 minutes of court time. Incomplete

Jerry Stackhouse: Did not set the world on fire in 6 minutes of court time. Incomplete

Willie Green: The 4th overtime hero didn't have it tonight, scoring 4 points on 1-of-6 shooting in 21 minutes. 2/10

Ivan Johnson: After scoring 17 points on perfect 7-for-7 shooting in just 23 minutes in Tuesday's loss to Milwaukee, Larry Drew rewarded Ivan with 11 minutes against the Bulls. Ivan Johnson has outplayed All-Star centers this year. Is the Hawks organization trying to hide him from potential bidders this summer? 3/10

Jason Collins: Jason Collins scored a basket. 1/10

The head coach
Drew probably wishes the opposition was coached by Tyrone Corbin every time the Hawks play. 1/10

A thought regarding the opposition
The Bulls may not get past the Heat again in this year's playoffs. The Bulls may wish they had a better player than Carlos Boozer to show for all the cap space they have invested in him. But you can't question that the Bulls get the most out of what they have.


JDK3665 said...

I find myself wondering
"What is the difference between the Bulls and the Hawks?"
Are the Bulls players that much better than the Hawks & I just don't realize it?
How else do the Bulls, missing their best player beat the Hawks so bad in Atlanta?
Do the players on the Bulls try harder? Care more? Is it better coaching?
I understand about the grind of the season, but it seems like the Bulls don't have lapses or take days off like the Hawks do.
I see our players ratings from the last two games and can't help but assume the Bulls never have nights like that.

Mitch McNeil said...

As a Chicagoan, watching the Bulls daily, I would credit Thibodeau for a micro-managing intensity THAT THE TEAM BUYS INTO (a very salient point) because their best player is on board with TT's system, and allows them to pile drive an inferior opponent on the road with aplomb, despite missing their best player. Atlanta's offense would simply look, and function, differently under Thibs. And the defense would not be allowed to "take time off" ...
The Bulls do have off nights ... just not too often. Look at their record.