Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SB Nation Atlanta: We Should Care More About the 2012 Atlanta Hawks

Michael has a nice post up at SB Nation Atlanta exploring why he's not more excited about this surprisingly successful Atlanta Hawks team. And it's not just all Lionel Messi's fault:
If I have to come to grips with why I feel the way I feel, the lack of a collective excitement over the Hawks is one reason for me. If Philips Arena were full and loud, then I would be more likely to go to games. Instead, I have to get myself in the right mood to be hectored by Ryan Cameron. SEC football is fun in this market because if I go to a game or watch one on TV, I get the fact that other people care and it makes me want to care. Similarly, I can listen to the radio in Atlanta and get my fill of SEC football discussion, at least between the transparent "we have personalities!" schtick of many of the local hosts. Try to find discussion of the Hawks on the radio.

The second reason why I am having to force myself to get more excited about the local pro basketball collective is the fact that the team has reached a plateau. It's harder to appreciate the team having the fifth-best record in the East when they finished fifth last year, third the year before that, and fourth the year before that. Each of the past three seasons have finished with a narrow win in the first round of the playoffs, followed by an elimination at the hands of one of the elite teams in the conference. Sure enough, the likely end of the road this year in the event that the Hawks win their first-round series is a loss in the Eastern semifinals to the Bulls or Heat. It takes a lot of creativity to imagine a deep playoff run, which is a drag on excitement.
Discussing second-round playoff exits and fan apathy is the universal treadmill of Hawks fandom. If you figure an escape, please let me know.

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In a nutshell, this is why my weekly blog turned into a 7 week hiatus.