Friday, April 08, 2011

NBA Playbook: Round 1 Preview: Orlando vs. Atlanta

Today, my recently made friend* in real life, Sebatian Pruiti, put up the best and most thorough preview of the upcoming playoff series between the Atlanta Hawks and the Orlando Magic you will read.

This post may be up for awhile. Coverage of the final four games of the regular season will depend on the events therein. Breaking news--an injury, Pape Sy's NBA debut, Al Horford attempting a free throw--will be worthy of attention. Going through the motions will not.

*Sebastian at least tolerated me. Really, that's all I ask.


Jerry Hinnen said...

C'mon, Brett, if the Hawks are willing to put forth the kind of effort that nets them a 32-point loss to Washington (with the Wizards shooting 50 percent from the field AND rebounding better than 30 percent of their misses), clearly the least you can do is ...

well, not write about them.

Mitch McNeil said...

Your silence regarding the Wizard debacle speaks volumes.