Wednesday, March 09, 2011

These Things Are Real

Joe Johnson:
"[W]e are a jump-shooting team. If shots are falling then, great, we are rolling. But one through five, we all are jump shooters. That’s pretty much what it is."
As Josh Smith approaches taking half of his shots from outside of 16 feet, Al Horford adds the corner 3 and the step-back 18-footer to his arsenal, and Johnson is on pace for another career low Free Throw Rate this must surely be the apex of one-dimensional inefficiency if not also self-awareness, at least in Johnson's case.

ESPN's new director of analytics, Dean Oliver, in essay about the Miami Heat addresses two topics relevant to the sputtering Atlanta offense: over-dribbling and the absence of the -roll part of the pick-and-roll.

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Zoe said...

... and so it is written ... and carved on a stone tablet ... WE ARE A JUMP SHOOTING TEAM ... let that be their epitaph.