Saturday, March 19, 2011

Miami Heat 106 Atlanta Hawks 85




Poss Off Eff eFG% FT Rate OR% TO%
ATL 87
0.977 46.2

Possible themes for this game recap...
  • The Atlanta Hawks struggle mightily against quality opposition.
  • The Atlanta Hawks: competitive as long as their jump shots go in. They were 4-9 outside of 16 feet, including a Hinrich three-pointer in the first quarter and trailed by four. They missed their next 12 shots from that range, a streak broken, with the starters already ensconced on the bench, by Jeff Teague's jumper with 4:24 left in the third quarter that cut the Miami lead to 29.
  • Discern and describe the je ne sais quoi that Semih Erden and Erick Dampier share that necessitates starting Atlanta's third-best center against them.
  • Josh Smith's knee brace: the perfect accessory for defending LeBron James?
  • Over the last 18 games, Joe Johnson has scored 269 points on 267 shots.
  • The Hawks have outscored their opponents by three points, or 0.0437 points per game, this season.
  • Congratulate everyone who answered "three games later" when asked "When will Jeff Teague fall out of the rotation again following his excellent performance against Portland?"
  • Hilton Armstrong: the biggest Mario West you'll ever see.
  • Again lament that Josh Powell dresses (but does not play) and Pape Sy does not dress and thus does not get the opportunity to make garbage time (more than 16-and-a-half minutes of it by my count) interesting.
  • Admit that after writing more than 300 game recaps about this team over the last four seasons, there may be nights (and mornings after) where the dire predictability of a loss overwhelms one's analytical capacity and just get to the dispiriting quotes, not that the Hawks offered much in that respect, either.
Larry Drew:
"Miami’s a solid defensive team. They do a great job, particularly on the first side of the offense. You have to force them to shift their defense and then you have to attack. We didn’t do that. Once the ball came out, we settled again for threes."
I don't see how starting Jason Collins is going to diminish Miami's commitment to defending the strong side nor how attempting 9 three-pointers (out of 57 field goal attempts) through three quarters gets anywhere near explaining why the Hawks were destroyed in their own building.

As with Mike Woodson, it's not that I expect Larry Drew to get to the heart of the matter through brutal honesty in his post-game press conferences but because the obvious problems persist and the same platitudes get rolled out night after night, there's no sane response but to treat the post game quotes as serious, if unconvincing, comment

Damien Wilkins, indirectly discussing Josh Smith being assigned the job of defending LeBron James:
"To me, it felt or seemed like we were conceding the fact that [James] was making shots. He was way too comfortable pulling up for jump shots, coming down and just doing whatever he wanted to do, just showing way too much respect. … I think we could have done a better job showing a little bit more resistance."
Al Horford:
"We’re going through a real rough patch right now. We’re going to keep fighting and we have to figure it out."
Per Ken Sugiura this was the 17th time this season that the Hawks lost by 10 or more points. Maybe the 17th time will be charm, Al.


Unknown said...

Larry Drew deserved to be cut some slack for a long time due to the circumstances of his hiring and the roster he was given. But when he does stuff like start Collins vs Miami and put Teague in the doghouse while continuing to run out Jamal and Joe on the court at the same time.... If the Hawks' ownership were not the biggest joke in the league, Drew would be sent packing after the season. Unfortunately there's little reason to think ASG would go after a Jeff Van Gundy, Phil Jackson, or other veteran, expensive coach if they fired Drew.

Adam Malka said...

"Over the last 18 games, Joe Johnson has scored 269 points on 267 shots."

And in the eleven games since he was given away, Jordan Crawford has 135 points on 139 shots. Not good, but not much worse than our $120 million man, either. And he's a rookie who will undoubtedly get better, probably much better. Meanwhile, the Hawks will re-sign Jamal Crawford and everyone will act frustrated next season (if there's a season at all) when they struggle to win 41 games.

Also: has the Teague thing becoming a parody of itself yet? Is anyone wondering just what the hell is wrong with Larry Drew when it comes to Jeff Teague. I say we've reached comedic levels of idiocy on that one.

CoCo said...

Larry Drew is clearly in over his head, even given the limited resources he has. At this point in the season the starting lineup should not change evry other game. Luckily for us, this season will be over soon and probably in embarrassing fashion.

Unknown said...

After I saw the consecutive 25 and 27 pt games Jordon Crawford had for the Wizards and the 8 point game from Hinrich, I flipped. And Sund also incl. a 1st rd. as well?! Are U sure Rick Sund works for the Hawks? This GM also turned down a Jason Thompson C for Jeff Teague offer from Sacramento Kings. He ave. 7 boards and 12pts. last year. Please owners! Sell the Team!