Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hawks 116 Knicks 104



More detailed commentary (hopefully not of the suffocatingly negative variety*) from me coming later today. Until then, tide yourselves over with game recaps (AP, New York Times, AJC) and liberal use of the comments.

To accomplish that I might have to steer clear of the decision to go small for the final 9 minutes. Maybe Mike Woodson's right and I'm wrong and Al Horford just isn't that useful a basketball player. Not to the extent Marvin Williams is, at least. Where would the Hawks have been without Marvin's fourth quarter point not to mention his fourth quarter rebound?

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Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who finds it ironic that, one day after saying he wouldn't yank his starters at the first sign of trouble, he fouled out Al Horford with four fouls and 8:19 left in the game? Once he departed, they IMMEDIATELY formed a lay-up line to cut the lead from13 down to 6, then down to 5.

Horford bears some small responsibility for letting the Knicks back in the game because he did foul Jamal Crawford in the act of shooting a three. Still, considering that Crawford made the basket, it really only cost the Hawks one point. But Woodson still found it to be damning evidence against leaving Horford in to play.

bonitis said...

somehow i dont see the negativity dissipating.

the most frustrating thing for me is woodsons inability (refusal?) to adapt. as long is he remains coach, we know we will see the same poor coaching strategies game after game.

Anonymous said...

He did the same thing last night vs the Celtics only this time with Mike Bibby. Can somebody hook coach Woodson up with a therapist who can cure him of his fear of players fouling out?