Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Game 5: Hawks @ Celtics, Open Thread

I'm not going to live blog tonight's game. (If you need that, I assume Micah will take care of you.) Should anyone have anything to add during or after tonight's game, this is the place.

This is not a trick to get you to write a first draft of my game recap. Honest.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Anonymous said...

Well, some immediate thoughts. I knew going in that Marvin would be a key. It was obviously the plan for Boston to double Joe whenever he touched the ball. That's a lot of open looks to spread around, and Marvin's specialty all season were the catch and shoot jumpers.

4-10 shooting was less than I'd hoped for. To go along with it, 2 rebounds, zero assists. Good news, no turnovers, if you don't count rebounds sliding out of his hands out of bounds.

As far as poor shot selection, my instinct watching the game was to give it to Mike Bibby, but it still goes to Josh Smith. I'll say this for him. He never lets the fact that he's missed every jump shot he's attempted discourage him from taking another. Not exactly a compliment. Bibby gets honorable mention for hoisting airballs.

Joe Johnson, despite all the attention focused on him, still was by far the most productive offensive player. Al Horford had a good game, but I really wanted him to force the issue more and put the Celtics in some foul trouble. I'll let you take it from here.

Anonymous said...

Road game? Check.
Opponent is a winning team? Check.
Hawks lose by double digits? Check.

There's no shame in losing on the road to the best team in the league but not even coming close to competing in Boston 3 straight times in the playoffs points to a coaching problem. But we all knew that already.