Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hawks 88 76ers 79



It wasn't a perfect performance from the Hawks but, if may be a bit presumptuous, it was a performance we could all happily live with on a regular basis.

Josh Smith took some jump shots and turned the ball over four times but he generally attacked the 76ers' rim, defended the Hawks' rim, and had six assists.

Joe Johnson had a poor shooting night but generally took easy shots that he allowed his teammates to set up for him. When Philadelphia's defense limited his scoring chances him, Johnson used their attention as an opportunity to create easy shots for his teammates.

Acie Law IV returned, looked rusty, missed all eight of his field goal attempts, and left no doubt that he is the best point guard on the Hawks' roster. Three of Law's misses came at the end of the shot clock. The other five were good shots (many at the rim) that he just failed to finish.

Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month (Novemeber) Al Horford responded quite positively to getting the ball more often in a position to score. He made six of nine shots, picked up an assist, and did not turn the ball over. At this point, getting 13 rebounds (4 offensive) from Horford is comfortingly predictable. Mike Woodson, for reasons inscrutable, increased the degree of difficulty for Horford's rebounding average by sitting him for the entire fourth quarter. It didn't cost the Hawks the game (Shelden Williams played a surprisingly solid game.), but it didn't make a lick of sense. Twice, early in the year, Woodson benched Horford in the fourth quarter once he picked up his fifth foul. Last night, Horford only got to four fouls before being shut down for the night.


Back at it tonight in Philips Arena against the Pistons. I expect good things and I expect to tolerate more Anthony Johnson playing time than I would normally. I think Chauncey Billups is one the point guards he can still guard a little bit.

Until then, if you know any Sixers fans, today's the day to cadge a drink off of them. The Hawks dealt the Billy King Era its death blow. The man hadn't been that overmatched since he faced off against Milt Newton in Kemper Arena.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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Drew Ditzel said...

at the very least hawks fans get frustrated about the exact same coaching decisions. i blogged about the Horford benching as well.

Woody is very accommodating in that sense.