Friday, December 07, 2007

The Franchise's Finances has published a ton of financial information about all 30 NBA teams. (HT: Kelly Dwyer)

Sortable team rankings in five categories are here. The page specific to the Hawks' details is here and features the following accurate assessment of the state of the franchise:
The Atlanta Hawks are among the worst franchises in the NBA. The team has not made the postseason since 1999 and has failed to flirt with a winning season this decade. The Hawks have drafted with apparently no game plan, traded poorly and in recent years its owners have seemed more interested in suing each other than building a credible franchise.
The overriding fact that it's occasionally best but always impossible to ignore is that the franchise has no one in charge. Building a playoff team in this circumstance is extraordinarily difficult even if the team's GM wasn't spending the fifth-overall pick on Shelden Williams and the team's coach can't conceive of useful combinations of the few good players at his disposal.

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