Monday, July 17, 2006

Golden State Warriors: Transactions, News, Notes

Even when Chris Mullin does something right, the potential for failure looms.

Case in point: he succesfully trades away one of the five bad-to-horrible contracts to which he's agreed to create playing time for a cheaper, younger option and said option, Monta Ellis, hurts his knee. Again. Ellis, you'll remember, was available for the Warriors to take in the second round because of concerns about the long-term health of his knees.

Having waived Will Bynum in order to take on the bulk of unwanted players necessary for the Jazz to match Fisher's salary, the Warriors are dangerously close to announcing Keith McLeod as the starting point guard on the nights Baron Davis can't answer the bell.

Warriors fans (and executives) are counting on a trade for either Iverson or Al Harrington to help recompose the roster. I think either trade will simply change the team's problems rather than provide the 10 win improvement they need to make the playoffs, but, if they complete either deal they will be negotiating with Billy King or Billy Knight, making the possibilities endless.

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