Monday, July 17, 2006

Cleveland Cavaliers: Transactions, News, Notes

The Cavs really should go ahead and Clipse (credit to Joey from Straight Bangin') with Drew Gooden. Then Danny Ferry should go make sure that Drew Gooden isn't the second-best player on the team. I'm not sure how Ferry goes about doing that as no team should be anxious to take on Eric Snow at $20M over three years, Damon Jones at $12M over three years, or Larry Hughes at $50M over four years. Luke Jackson, Sasha Pavlovic, and Ira Newble are cheaper but useless. No wonder they've mistaken the Brazilian Ryan Bowen for a good player. It's all about the context of their perceptions.

My guess is that Ferry trades Big Z's expiring contract at the deadline or lets him walk at the end of the year. Ilgauskas is productive but he's an old 30 and he and LeBron don't look like they complement each other very well. They don't really look like they're playing the same game. Are there any two teammates, good teammates, that are more dissimilar?

I love the hope that the class of 2003 is expressing through their 3- to 4-year contract extensions. They aren't living in fear of injury or for the desire of profoundly bullet-proof financial security. They're trying to maximize wins and money and they're making the NBA more competitive, fluid, and flexible.

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