Monday, July 17, 2006

Denver Nuggets: Transactions, News, Notes

Denver was awfully mediocre last year and, as of this moment, it looks like more of the same this year. I don't really understand how adding Iverson will make the Nuggets much better. Even Billy King would demand Andre Miller in that deal and refuse to take Kenyon Martin.

I think.

Generally speaking, it's tough to build a championship team by spending $130M over the next half-decade on two oft-injured guys who play the same position. Tends to limit one's flexibility. It would be foolish to expect either great planning or great execution from a franchise owned by an important booster of the University of Missouri Athletic Department.

Turning whatever it is they own of Howard Eisley's rights into JR Smith is a positive, though, again, the end result of the move just means a battle for Greg Buckner's old minutes between Smith, Ruben Patterson, Julius Hodge, and DerMarr Johnson (should they re-sign him).

I'll take another look at the Nuggets later in the week after they decide whether or not to match Francisco Elson's offer sheet.

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