Wednesday, March 16, 2005

For Entertainment Purposes Only--Tournament Edition

A handy, dandy recap of theoretical wagers.


Duke/Delaware State over 131
Syracuse/Vermont under 138.5
Niagara +12.5 against Oklahoma
Regular Kentucky -16.5 against Eastern Kentucky
Iowa State +1 against Minnesota
Northern Iowa +280 against Wisconsin
Wisconsin/Northern Iowa over 126
Central Florida +18 against UConn
Pacific +160 against Pittsburgh
Louisville -11.5 against Louisiana-Lafayette
Creighton +125 against West Virginia
West Virginia/Creighton over 135
UW-Milwaukee +180 against Alabama
LSU/UAB over 152
Arizona/Utah State under 139
Oklahoma State/SE Louisiana over 125

Louisville 30-1 to win the tournament
Michigan State 40-1 to win the tournament

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