Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pape Sy, Magnum Rolle Updates

I covered Keith Benson's deal with Dinamo Sassari earlier today but let's not forget about the other players whose rights the Hawks own but are on unguaranteed deals.

Less is known about Magnum Rolle's (the 474th best player in the NBA per #NBArank) deal to play in South Korea than Benson's deal, but a little more is known about Rolle as a professional basketball player, on the basis of his D-League performance. Plus, at Rolle's age, he needs to make money playing basketball sooner rather than later.

As for the 483rd ranked player in the NBA, Pape Sy (who needs to play, himself), based on this report (and my rusty French), I'd recommend checking the website of BCM Gravelines regularly for updates.


chantel said...

praise the lord is about time god bless Magnum rolle to make it some where in this worlds , you are very strong. i wish god watch over you always, you are one of kind, jesus love you mag keep the faith.

chantel said...

Magnum rolle your faith is strong i respect you for that.