Thursday, May 05, 2011

Unsuccessful Isolation Offense a Key Difference for the Atlanta Hawks in Game 2

I harped a lot on rebounding in my recap of Game 2 because a) I figured most people wouldn't, b) I genuinely thought it important, and c) my less-formulaic Prof. Berri shtick is the best I've got some days.

On the other hand, of course terrible shooting, be it Josh Smith and Marvin Williams spotting up on the weakside, Jamal Crawford taking bad, quick shots, or isos -Joe or -Al, had a significant impact on the outcome. Courtesy ESPN Stats and Info:
In Game 1, the Hawks had 22 isolation plays out of 86 plays in the halfcourt (25.6%). Atlanta shot 52.9% in those situations (9-17).

In Game 2, the Hawks had 20 isolation plays out of 84 plays in the halfcourt (23.8%). Atlanta shot 35.7% in those situations (5-14).
Without doing a full accounting of the differences between Games 1 and 2, I think it's fair to say that roughly one-half of the 21-point swing was down to less success when the Hawks went iso.

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