Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HawkStr8Talk: Pre-Preview Grades

If this is the appetizer, I can't wait for the main course:
Strategy - This is where we probably got the most schizo feeling about the season. On one hand, it's inconceivable to us that the Hawks championship fortunes are ultimately going to be changed by hiring the assistant coach of the coach that you ultimately blamed for our failure in the postseason. Bottom line, it's not just X's and O's that were problems for the Hawks - it's just the general motivation and energy from the bench that were at fault. The in-game strategy was not that great and so, it's easy for the assistant coach to read the tea leaves and say - I'm going to change everything. Who wouldn't do that? That said, this experiment still doesn't change the fact that you have BAD defenders. You have offensive players who aren't making ANY offensive system championship level. So, to change the coach and none of the main rotation still means nothing. That said, on the good side, Coach Drew hasn't spoken about keeping any of the old strategies. That's good and portends that there is upside to be found somewhere if executed well. So, that's what we'll look for (though again, I'll say this - if Teague is not the opening day starter and doesn't get at least 30-40 games to prove that he can handle the job...flush any shot this team has at winning 50 games this season). Grade (relative to last year):B-

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