Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quotes, Notes, and Links: Hawks 105 Rockets 103



The Hawks were gracious (and, perhaps, a touch thankful) winners, quick to compliment the Rockets.

Mike Woodson:
"They battled from beginning to the end."
Josh Smith:
"They've got guys that aren't great athletes, but offensive rebounds killed us all night. They played their butts off."
Marvin Williams:
"They've got a lot of competitors over there, guys that are really good role players. I think that's why they're doing so well."
Woodson on Williams:
"He was phenomenal. He was solid from beginning to end. We went to him. He continued to make them."
Smith on his game-winner:
"All I wanted to do was crash the boards. In case he missed, I wanted to be there. I wanted him to make the shot, but I was there for the miss."
Luis Scola on Smith's game-winner:
"He hustled. Everyone knows how high he jumps. It was a great play."
CoCo was fine with Josh Smith, fourth quarter spectator:
Josh Smith was in an absolutely pissy mood tonight. Yes Dick Bavetta and the crew have had better days, but his displeasure with the officiating landed him a warm seat beside Mike Woodson and the gang. He was on the verge of losing it, so much so that Mike Woodson sat him for all but 44 seconds of the fourth quarter. He really didn't have a choice. It was either sit him, or let him get a technical and a possible ejection.
Hawk Str8Talk has more praise for Woodson:
I'll forgive some of the minute distribution and lack of a counter for small ball for this reason alone - a play drawn up for someone other than Joe to win the game. I mean it's easy to defend a play that everyone knows is coming. I was waiting for Joe to dribble until taking a shot and to have a different play that ultimately won the game (even on 2nd chance) was more evidence that Woodson is employing all of the tools at a coach's disposal and for that...big ups to Coach Woodson!
Peachtree Hoops has Marvin's back:
I understand people who think Marvin can be used better in Atlanta. I get that others wish we drafted someone else. I see how his seeming lack of fire can turn people off. However, you can't not like Marvin Williams the person. You just can't. And if you do, no one likes you the person. Go watch the Marvin Williams halftime interview. Then, I challenge you to say something bad about him ever again.The guy has shown up at 8 am every morning of this home stand to knock himself out of his slump, and tonight it paid off. Marvin destroyed for the first two quarters.
The Human Highlight Blog lists all the points at which Houston could have folded but didn't.

Josh Smith made Marc Stein's All-Lefty Team.


Mark Phelps said...

I'm sure you saw, but in case you didn't -- John Hollinger's comment after putting the Hawks at no. 1 in his power rankings: "After matching Cleveland's win in Orlando with their own breakthrough in Boston, it's time to toss it out there: How much more must the Hawks do before we all start saying that the East elite runs four teams deep?"

I wasn't aware ESPN could write positive press about the Hawks! You see something new everyday.

Unknown said...

of course, you print a comment that I come to find out after the fact is wrong - finally saw the post game comments on Hawks Live and Woodson said he was running a play for Joe and the Rockets defended it and denied him the ball. So, I guess I should be happy that the players were able to improvise, which in turn will possibly show Woodson how to develop other options for end of game scenarios, which in turn will make Johnson more dangerous at the end of the game.