Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quotes, Notes, and Links: Hawks 100 76ers 86



Mike Bibby:
"To be honest, I was a little angry after [Thursday's] game. Before this game, I felt fresh. I wanted to play again as soon as possible after that loss. We haven't lost much this season. I carried it over into the game."
And how.

I can't explain Mike Bibby's defensive prowess this year but it's much appreciated. Also appreciated, Bibby's encouraging words for Hoopinion fave, the underrated* Jrue Holiday:
"I thought Jrue played well, even though his shot wasn't falling. He's taller than I thought and he plays good defense."
*Much like Jeff Teague, Holiday's not underrated right now so much as that in three or four years both will be considered an excellent use of a late first-round draft pick. Then again, I once thought the same about this guy.

This project to determine each player's adjusted plus/minus in each of the four factors at Hoop Numbers is worthy of (and going to get) further study but plenty of time can be spent poking around the results while letting the methodology sink in.

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