Wednesday, January 09, 2008

One Need Not Watch the Hawks Constantly To Question (Legitimately) Mike Woodson

David Thorpe co-signs one of my season-long complaints in this week's Rookie 50. Noting of Al Horford on January 8th:
Whether it's the right move or not, Mike Woodson sits Horford for long stretches when he picks up early fouls, rather than letting him play through foul trouble. This has cost Horford playing time -- he was on the floor for 38 minutes total in his last two games -- and the Hawks need Big Al if they want to recapture some of their early season magic. So either Horford must learn to let a few plays go where he doesn't risk fouling, or Woodson needs to let his talented big man learn how to figure it out on the court.
The last two sentences make it fairly clear on which side of his opening clause Thorpe stands. I concur. A neurotic Al Horford figures to be more productive than Shelden Williams, Lorenzen Wright, or Zaza Pachulia ca. 2008.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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