Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hawks 106 Heat 100 (OT)


Unless Pat Riley decides to pique my interest and make Wayne Simien and Daequan Cook part of the Miami Heat rotation this year, the Hawks faced a relatively full strength Heat squad last night in Miami.

Jason Williams, Udonis Haslem, Dorrel Wright, and Smush Parker all played over 25 minutes. Shaq and Antoine Walker (all 262 punds of him) played over 15 minutes a piece while Alonzo Mourning and Michael Doleac both made appearances on the court. Seriously, that's the Heat approaching full strength. How many nights can one realistically expect Shaq and Wade to be healthy simultaneously?

Not much to pass along from the game reports but it's nice to see that the Hawks got to the line a lot again last night. That's 95 free throw attempts through two exhibition games. Even though they're only making 70.5% of those attempts, that's as close as they're coming to demonstrating a team-wide offensive strength.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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