Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hawks 103 Wizards 99


Efficient offensive play from Marvin Williams, Josh Childress, and Al Horford outweighed an atypically poor shooting night from Joe Johnson (and a typically poor shooting night from Anthony Johnson) and thus the Hawks won for the sixth time in seven pre-season tries. M. Williams, Childress, and Horford were 19-29 from the field and 18-22 from the foul line.

Tyronn Lue played 20:48 in his pre-season debut, going 4-9 from the floor (0-3 on threes) with 5 assists against no turnovers. There's no mention of how he looked in the AJC's game stories (both of which were clearly written prior to tip-off). Ivan Carter mentions a couple of instances of Gilbert Arenas blowing by Lue in the second quarter but that doesn't necessarily mean much w/r/t Lue's health. Or Gilbert's for that matter. He had fluid drained from his knee last Wednesday.

It's imperative that Lue and Acie Law IV get and stay healthy. Though the Hawks are clearly improving, I'm skeptical that they're good enough to withstand substantial minutes going to either a gimpy Speedy Claxton or a healthy Anthony Johnson.

The pre-season slate concludes Wednesday night in New Orleans.

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