Monday, April 30, 2012

Quote of the Day -- April 30. 2012

Larry Drew:
"We knew we had to win the energy game. We had to win the hustle game. I think we did that."
And so it was.


Buddy Grizzard said...

Biggest coaching move of the game was LD benching Ivan Johnson for barking at the refs and then barking at him. He was starting to lose his composure and LD sat him the rest of the way.

That could prove to be a series-altering move because Ivan got to watch from the bench as Rondo blew up at the refs and cost his team the game, and possibly Game 2. He will be thinking about that when he plays again.

Buddy Grizzard said...


Larry Drew admits a mistake! Hold the front page:

"I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong about something. I probably overreacted."

This in reference to yanking Ivan for arguing with the ref. According to Ivan, the ref admitted he had missed a call. Nonetheless, I think my observation holds true. LD got away with over playing Collins and Ivan got the object lesson of seeing Rondo's meltdown from the bench.