Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Free Agent Clearinghouse Post

At SBNation, Tom Ziller provides a list of all 2012 NBA free agents, restricted and unrestricted.

At, Neil Paine lists all the guys who are playing overseas but do not have an opt-out clause. (In related news, the 2010-11 Season Review: Josh Powell is on deck.)

Keeping in mind the salary cap limitations (barring an unexpected leap into the realm of NBA luxury tax payers) the Hawks have created for themselves means they might need to include a a rookie free agent or two in their December acquisitions, speculate away.


Bronnt said...

Anyone in the D-League that you have an eye on, and would like to be signed?

Bret LaGree said...

It's tough for me to tell if the talent level is down in the D-League right now (case in point, KU product Jeff Graves who's 30-years-old and hasn't played in the D-League in 5 years is on Erie's roster) because more guys went overseas to play this season or if there are guys waiting to go to an abbreviated training camp before funneling down to the D-League.

Still, Reno has Blake Ahearn (shooter/scorer) and Nick Fazekas (curiosity) and Justin Dentmon (poor man's Will Bynum) is playing for Austin. There's no Diamon Simpson or Marqus Blakely or Courtney Sims or Curtis Stinson or Jeremy Richardson (to name just a few off the top of my head) sitting there, intriguing me.