Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hot Spots Now Available Again For Hawks Players

Courtesy of an excellent Micah Hart post examining how Maurice Evans might be expected to make up for the loss of Josh Childress's offensive production, I learned that the Hot Spots for Hawks players are back up.

Frankly, I'd forgotten about them as ignored my e-mails about whatever bug allowed me to see shot charts for 29 NBA teams but not the one I harp on about and my season review posts (which originally intended to draw heavily on the freely aggregated data) dragged on and on before sputtering to a conclusion. But, with access restored, I can now definitively state that Josh Smith made 381 of 646 (59%) layup or dunk attempts, 44 of 164 (26.8%) of shots inside 15 feet that were neither layups nor dunks, 66 of 224 (30.4%) of two-point jump shots outside of 15 feet, and 25 of 99 (25.3%) of three-point attempts.

By all means continue posting up Joe Johnson, coach.

Elsewhere, Drew's excited about Josh Smith's arms. And, to date, three other things for next season.

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